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"Richard Trueman is a graphic artist, photographer, and computer programmer who has been teaching these skills since the very first days of home computers. He offers fun empowering non-geeky software and hardware tutorials." Irene Blueth
We Never Stop Learning
I taught art, graphic arts, and computers to teenagers and adults for 32 years and during that time I had to learn many new technologies. Sometimes it seemed I was just one step ahead of my students! I've come to believe that we never stop learning.
The Interpreter
My talent seems to lie in the area of being the interpreter, the one who makes things understandable. While I am learning something new, I am able to observe the building blocks of that learning experience and take note of them so I can pass them on to others. Through training and experience I've learned to communicate these steps using as many modalities as possible, -metaphors, analogies, diagrams, stories, media or demonstrations.
The Human Factor
Although I learn from books, it's not my favorite way; -I find it tiring. I get a great boost from watching a video on the topic, but nothing beats the "real" thing, - a human who has mastered the thing I want to learn. With an instructor, I can ask questions and re-ask if I still don't understand. I can have that person explain it in the order and at the speed I can digest and assimilate. Nothing beats the Human Factor!
One-on-One or in Small Groups
I'm comfortable with one-on-one or small (2 or 3 people) tutorials though each person MUST have a computer. Rates are reasonable either way and there is a two hour minimum. I'm completely portable and I find the learning situation is always better at your home. I don't care whether you are PC or Mac, -most of the software is the same. I can approach any subject from a complete beginner's point of view and if you are intermediate, I can help you to step up to the advanced. Some tutorials are gauged for periodic sessions so you will not be overwhelmed with too much information.
Many of the most requested topics for single or ongoing tutorials are listed in the sidebar to the right, but I am open to your suggestions and needs...
Typical Tutorial Topics

Digital Photography
Email Tips and Tricks
Getting the Most from your Printer and Scanner
Learning Photoshop
Using or Creating for the WEB
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